How to Volunteer:

There are multiple ways that you can volunteer. If you’re interested in our one day events you can sign up about four weeks before the event. We will have many shifts so that everyone has an opportunity to give back. Go to www.handsonportland.org to sign up.

Other volunteer opportunities exist among our other services from engaging with guests who are currently enrolled in a shelter program, helping set up a new site, clean up at an unofficial encampment to making and providing meals for our homeless friends.


On a daily basis, shelters and organizations throughout the Portland region provide temporary shelter and meals to Oregonians facing homelessness. However, many homeless individuals and families go without other vital services – like medical and dental care, counseling, housing guidance, or veteran’s services.

However, YOU can help to meet this incredible need.

Project Homeless Connect brings together professional and community volunteers to provide services and support to hundreds of our most vulnerable neighbors.

person mending someones clothing


Last year, Project Homeless Connect volunteers served 700+ individuals.

Volunteering at Project Homeless Connect – whether you sign up on your own or as part of a group of family, friends, or coworkers – is an opportunity to reach out and connect in a meaningful way with families in our community who are experiencing homelessness.

someone giving an eye exam


Volunteers will help in a variety of ways – with client support, assistance, and intake; food preparation and serving; leading and assisting activities; and more. Go to www.handsonportland.org to sign up.

Again, thank you for helping us in our goal to end homelessness in our community.

two volunteers preparing food

Volunteer Feedback:

“I felt it was such a beautiful thing. I went on and on to my family members about all of the wonderful resources that there were for our “guests”. Food, showers, clothing, dental…the list went on and on. I felt honored and proud to have played even a small part of this truly extraordinary day. Thank you so much for what you do for the homeless community.”

“It felt good that we were able to provide the necessary hygiene products to individuals as well as families in need. They were very appreciative of everything they received. …My favorite moment was when a gentleman in line felt good that I laughed at his jokes. He said his goal was to make people laugh and smile.”

“While standing in line for vege burgers for Providers, I chatted with a gentleman who expressed his great appreciation for the event. He made a point to say that he came all the way from Portland even though he and his wife weren’t sure they could get assistance. They were very grateful they could get services all in one location…He and his wife both had 30 day (so awesome – I say this as a recovering alcoholic myself) of sobriety and sought voc rehab services. He expressed his desire to eventually help with a similar event when they got off the streets and were in a position to give back It was great conversation, to say the least.”

“This was a great project to be a part of. Not only was it extremely well run, but the services they were providing for the homeless were outstanding….and much needed. I love being able to connect directly with those in need. There was one young, homeless man that really touched me. He was clean cut, well spoken, in need and taking full advantage of what services they were offering. He got his hair cut, got his teeth cleaned, got a sleeping bag, clothes and food. He was in need of a bag or backpack to carry his new sleeping bag/clothes. There weren’t any to give away. I happen to have some extra bags at home so I’m returning to the Sonrise church today to drop them off. They said they would hold them until he returns. What a great service. And the team leader did a great job.”

“Huge Kudos go out to those involved pulling off a huge event like Project Homeless. It was organized and appreciated by so many! My small part was in the clothing section, where I found it quite rewarding helping folks find sizes and articles of clothing they needed. AWESOME JOB!!!”