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Access Center

Access Center

Open: Daily 7 am – 7 pm

363 SE 6th Ave Hillsboro OR 97123

Located on SE 6th between SE Oak St & SE Baseline – across from Tuality Hospital. Blue line max stop Tuality/SE 8th Bus lines 47 & 58 SE 5th and Oak.

The center offers a range of essential services, including the provision of nutrient-dense meals, showers, laundry facilities, ID acquisition assistance, OHP enrollment, peer support, and connections to shelter and housing resources within the county—accomplishing our mission by facilitating a comprehensive pathway toward stability and self-reliance for houseless neighbors in our community.

PHC’s access center plays a significant and positive impact on both the individuals it serves and the wider community. Here are some of the key ways our center is making a difference:

  • Access to Basic Needs: Homeless individuals often lack access to basic necessities like food, clothing, and hygiene facilities. Our center provides immediate relief by offering these services, ensuring that individuals’ basic and immediate human needs are met.
    • Food: Providing two nutrient-dense meals daily boosts immunity, addresses food insecurity, and provides greater stability, allowing individuals a greater chance of getting out of their 24-hour time horizon.
    • Clothing: Recognizing the harsh impact of changing climates on health and comfort, our clothing closet supplies individuals in need with essential items such as new underwear, socks, shoes, winter coats, and various other clothing options.
    • Hygiene: Showers, clean laundry, and other hygiene items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, and foot powder increase overall well-being and confidence.
  • Healthcare and Mental Health Services: Many homeless individuals struggle with physical and mental health conditions. Our staff helps guests enroll with the Oregon Health Plan and refers them to various healthcare providers, including mental health services and addiction treatment programs, improving overall health outcomes. 
  • Social Support and Community: Homelessness can be isolating. Our center provides a sense of community and social support, reducing feelings of loneliness. 
  • Housing and Shelter Connections: Phase 1 assessments, a prerequisite for placement on waitlists for shelter and housing programs, are conducted here. 
  • Community Engagement: We engage with local volunteers and organizations, fostering a sense of community involvement and collective responsibility for addressing homelessness. 

new 3-story access center coming soon!

Thanks to the pivotal Supportive Housing Services Measure, approved by voters, we’re excited to announce the construction of a new Access Center adjacent to our beloved yellow house!

This upcoming center represents a significant expansion in our ability to support our houseless neighbors and program participants. With increased space, we’ll be able to better accommodate the number of individuals we see on a daily basis. Additionally, our designs for the new center include dedicated spaces for external service providers to offer on-site care, such as medical, dental, behavioral, and social services. We’re eager to see this collaborative hub of assistance and resources truly flourish in the new space.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making this project a reality, with special thanks to Washington County and the City of Hillsboro. Stay tuned for updates as this project progresses, and take a moment to admire the beautiful renderings of this new build!

PHC new access center design Outside