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Three housing programs are operating within Project Homeless Connect. 

Housing Liaison
Provides immediate navigation to those leaving the hospital or shelter sites, pointing people in the right direction for various services in the area. This is considered short-term assistance. 

Rapid Rehousing Case Management
Helps individuals in need of medium-term assistance (under 2 years). It primarily works the same as the RLHA program with the differentiation being the length of rental assistance provided. 

Housing Case Management
RLRA (regional long-term rent assistance) Housing Case Management, supported by Washington County, pairs individuals experiencing homelessness with a case manager to help them secure housing and connect them with other support services in the area.  

Our programs utilize the Housing First Approach, which seeks to provide stable housing before addressing typical barriers to housing such as employment, sobriety, and health. This method removes the trauma and challenges that come with homelessness and leads to a greater probability of success in overcoming un- or under-employment, addictions, or health conditions. This current best practice is showing promise as we have been able to substantially increase our housing and retention rates.