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PHC manages two shelter models

1. Year-round motel-style shelters.

2. Temporary congregate shelters activated during severe weather conditions.

Year-Round Shelter

We run year-round shelters using a non-congregate format, housing individuals in motel rooms. Presently, our operations span three different motels within the county, where we have a total of 45 rooms in use each day. This approach allows for a more individualized and private living arrangement, contributing to the comfort and well-being of those seeking shelter in our program.

Severe Weather Shelter

These shelters are activated when weather conditions create an immediate danger for unhoused people. Inclement weather shelters “pop-up” through the weather event and operate on a “no-turn-away” basis to ensure everyone seeking a safe place to sleep can have access. During the winter months, inclement weather shelters will be activated when: 

  • The forecasted temperature of 25° F (-3.9° C) or below; or 
  • Forecasted snow accumulations of 1.0 inch or more; or 
  • Forecasted temperature at or below 32° F (0° C) with driving rain of 1.0 inch or more overnight. 

During the summer months, inclement weather shelters will be activated when the heat reaches dangerous levels.