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Who We Are

– PHC’s mission –

Our Mission

Empowering individuals experiencing houselessness by meeting them where they are and walking with them on their unique journeys toward stability and self-reliance.

How We Started

In 2006, Kim Marshall saw the need for a Project Homeless Connect model in her place of residence: Washington County. With great dedication and passion, she worked diligently to make this happen.

Staff Testimonials

Amanda Terpening

Outreach Manager

“I’m using my voice and experience to help people believe that change is possible because it is. I’m living proof of it.”

Jessica Reyes

Access Center Manager

“When I became homeless, I started to notice all the other people who were homeless. I promised myself that once I got myself out of that situation, I wouldn’t forget them.”

Candace Dunn

Director of Learning & Development

“Kindness can literally save a life. It offers hope and fosters love – and those things should not be underestimated.”